19 years and a week old, huh?

I told myself when I turned 19 that I’d start my own blog. I decided to wait an entire week before doing so. Why? I felt like something would happen between now and then. But we can save that discussion for later.

I suppose this, being the first post on the blog, should be some kind of introduction to what this blog entails. So, welcome to the blog! My name is Abir Razzak and, as of this moment, I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science at Drexel University. This blog serves to showcase my career development as well as document my academic feats and achievements!

P.S. I know this blog is supposed to be for my career development, but I figured writing in a more casual tone will make my ideas and thoughts come more naturally and will allow me to truly speak to my readers (that’s you!). I can’t wait to see where this journey shall take me!


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