My first ever iOS app

I promise I won’t be uploading a lot of old news on this blog. The main intent of the blog is to be about my progression through the years after I’ve become 19 years old. But this project occurred one day before my 19th birthday, March 16th, 2017, and is too significant for me to NOT include it here.

As the title suggests, I had to create my very own design project for my freshman year of college. My group and I decided to create an iOS application, mainly catered towards iPhone users. I’ll provide you with background information in case you’re not familiar with how the CCI (that’s College of Computing and Informatics) program works, here at Drexel University:

Drexel University runs on a quarter system. Each quarter corresponds with what season that quarter takes place. So naturally, a typical freshman year at Drexel will consist of taking classes throughout your Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters, with your Summer quarter not having any classes. For CCI students, in the Winter term of their freshman year, we have to take a course called “Computing and Informatics Design II” where students must team up to create a freshman design project. At the end of the Winter term, students are expected to present a prototype for their design project. In the following term (Spring), these teams are then expected to create their fully functional design project.

For seven weeks, my team and I planned out design requirements, took surveys, and researched information dealing with online databases and programming Swift in XCode. Although I was considered Project/Team Leader, I helped contribute to the app by programming all the registration and login screens. It was definitely a new experience for me, and I’m glad I got to experience it! Not only did I learn a lot about programming in Swift, but my proficiency with Mac OS definitely improved over the quarter.

The actual demonstration of the app went very smoothly. Everything went according to plan, and we got very positive feedback about the prototype! I ended up with an A for the quarter and my team got an A for the presentation. It was definitely an amazing experience getting to work with people on your own design project and seeing your vision come to life. I would recommend anyone who is thinking about doing a design project, even if it’s just for fun, to gather people who share the same goal and work on it together! Not only do you learn a lot of skills mechanically, but it’s really good practice working as a team and learning to improve your communication skills!

I added some pictures from the day of the presentation 🙂 I was going to take some screen shots that we used in our presentation, but it seems like SourceTree is having some problems pulling from our repository as of right now, so I included some screenshots I took a long time ago while the login/registration screens were still under development.

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