Summer Research Week 2

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! As part of the summer program that I’m doing research for (Students Tackling Advanced Research, aka “STAR” Program), I was supposed to take a day off for July 4th, as it is considered a University Holiday. Communication was picking back up to speed and I had a day off, so this week’s ‘report’ will be a bit shorter than last week.

As I mentioned last week, the current problem with the network graphs was that the nodes were not very spaced out when the graph initially loaded up on the web browser. I managed to find a fix last week to the problem and applied it to one graph. This week I tweaked with the numbers for each of the 58 graphs and made them all evenly spaced.

It took awhile, but I eventually optimized all 58 graphs

Another side thing I mentioned last week was the development of an index page. Sorry to disappoint, but it still does look pretty ugly basic. However, it is fully functional and works great! It saved me so much time not having to open all the HTML files via the Explorer and having to drag the file into Firefox everytime I wanted to view a different graph. TL;DR: It’s still an eyesore, but it gets the job done.

Besides that, I just went in and tweaked some things around. There were a couple of titles that weren’t correct (and I suspect I missed some still) and other trivial things like that.

Next week suspect a little (or maybe a lot) of coding in Java. I need to figure out how to implement centrality measure into the graphs as well as creating a data table so that all the information can be displayed all at once rather than clicking on individual graphs each time a user wants to take a look at the data.

Thanks for reading! Your support means a lot 🙂

~ Abir



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